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Property inventory reports prepared by a professional clerk!

– avoid costly legal disputes with tenants
– protect your investment and be secure in the knowledge that anything tenants break, they will have to fix

Why Choose Us…?
There are many inventory companies out there. What makes us special?
  • All Smarter Inventories clerks are trained in house, and remain in house. Unlike other firms, we don't simply use independent, freelance clerks. We know that you need to trust anyone you allow into your home – which is why all Smarter Inventories clerks are known personally to us.
  • All Smarter Inventories clerks undergo rigorous training. In fact for the first six to eight weeks, we won't even let them undertake jobs alone. We arrange instead for them to ‘shadow' our most experienced inventory clerks, so that they get excellent on-the-job training!
  • At Smarter Inventories we understand the legal aspects of inventories. Some companies out there will agree to whatever a client asks – even if for instance a client wants a Check In carried out after the tenant has moved in!
    Here at Smarter Inventories though, we know that one day you may be relying on OUR report in court. Which is why we will always advise clients as to the legal aspects of carrying out Inventories. A Check In, for instance, must be carried out before the new tenant moves in – otherwise it is not a valid report.
  • Continuity: From start to finish, you will be looked after by our manager. No danger of finding yourself always dealing with a different person. While we have a large team of clerks, it's the manager who oversees clerks and  also your phone calls, emails and any questions you may have.
  • Our prices!!
  • We cover the whole of London and many parts of Greater London and beyond. We also cover many parts of Middlesex and Hertfordshire.
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    When would one need an inventory report?

    If you organised an Inventory when they first moved in, you can now prove that the tenants caused this damage – because the cooker is not listed as damaged in that original report.

    And you can retain part of your tenants' deposit, to pay for fixing your cooker. But of course if you did not arrange an Inventory when they moved in, the tenants can now claim that your cooker never worked properly…

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